Light Duty Trucks

Light duty commercial trucks is generally associated with 1/2-ton and 3/4-ton pickups. They have always been popular and are even more so with fuel costs rising significantly in the last few years. This type of vehicle can be an excellent solution and there are so many ways to modify a pickup to make it fit the commercial needs of many businesses. Adding things like racks, tool boxes of every possible kind and shape, dump inserts, remove the bed and install very light weight aluminum flatbeds, snow plows, salt spreaders, fiberglass shells, commercial aluminum shells, bedsliders, winches, light weight cranes, and the list just goes on and on. Below is a slide show with a lot of ideas from around the country.

Some of the advantages of the light duty commercial truck or pickup is low maintenance costs (1/2-ton tires are cheaper than larger 1-ton tires, brakes and other maintenance items are less as well), lower initial cost, lower entry height, softer ride, and more. Disadvantages would be the weight limits of a light duty truck, and potential overloading issues that can cause problems. Still, the positives are leading and make this option worth investigating.