Truck Body Types

Truck bodies are as custom as your business needs them to be and are limited only by your imagination. There are certain body types that have become common and standardized throughout the industry. Choosing a body of this type will save you money if it will work effectively for your business. Some very common types are Flatbed, Stakebed, Contractor Body, Service Body, Plumber Body, Landscape Dump Body, Steel Dump Body, Flatbed Dump Body, Van Body (also called Dry Freight Body). These save money because manufacturers make these as standard units and produce enough of them to lower the costs.

The most expensive body would be a one of a kind custom body. Some companies must have this to solve their unique problems, but most can use a more standardized body. One way to customize a standard body for your needs is to add options and in this way you solve your specific problems and keep the costs low at the same time. All of the standard body types have a list of options that will add value and uniqueness while making it more effective for your application.

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